The Film

NOTE: Due to developments in research and the evolution of the project, we have decided to change the title of the film project. “A Mother’s Love” is now “66“. We will explain in due time… the information here is very much the same, we will launch a new website soon and have more information on the ongoing journey.

In 1975, Operation Baby Lift evacuated thousands of children at the end of the Vietnam War. This feature documentary will follow the path of one Vietnamese adoptee as she further defines her own family and her sense of identity.

Having been adopted and raised by a loving family in a rural town in Western New York and now being a new mom to a beautiful little boy, her need to learn more about her roots deepens.

Through the assistance of cutting edge technology in DNA testing and the help of other resources, Cara will travel back to Vietnam for the first time since her adoption and put forth all efforts to piece together her pre-adoptive past …. and by way of a miracle, leading her to her birth mother.


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